eCommerce platform tailored to your business

The CaupoShop product line smoothly builds upon itself. CaupoShop Base is the entry edition and acts as the foundation upon which CaupoShop Pro can be built.

Responsive web design

CaupoShop is 100% responsive. In the age of the mobile phone, having a responsive website is one of the most important things any company can invest in.

Templates built with Bootstrap

CaupoShop is built with Bootstrap so it uses modern standard for responsive web design and rapid development.

responsive shopping cart software on ipad

CaupoShop at a Glance

CaupoShop includes all the features required of a modern and efficient online shop.

See feature list of CaupoShop Base


CaupoShop is constantly being developed – allowing you to benefit from a well-established standard of development. Improvements or customer requests are frequently incorporated into new versions thereby providing immediate benefits. Significantly, the software has been developed, with the widely used technology of PHP, which gives you the all the flexibility you require.


The fast pace of change in technology and the market, especially in e-commerce, constantly brings new requirements. It is for this reason that the software was conceived in such a way that it is your shop, ready to be upgraded by you when necessary. The openness of the technology ensures that you have control over your shop and provides long-term security in your investment.


Your customers will consider of the utmost importance easy and intuitive navigation through your online shop. It is for this reason that we have paid careful attention to the smooth flow of your customers’ shopping experience. You can rest assured that your customers will not be put off by a cryptic storefront.


Fast and optimized pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions. Through the use of PHP, teamed with the efficient MySQL database, CaupoShop sets itself clearly apart in performance and scalability. PHP is an extensive and well-established scripting language which, because of its power and usability, has already developed a large following.


The privacy of your customer data is of the utmost importance. All input of customer and order data undergoes strict validation. A customer’s entire order procedure can be secured by SSL 3.0 and the payment can be further secured by the use of online credit card clearing methods.


For the administration of your CaupoShop, you can manage your products online with a Web-based Administrative Domain.